Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Little consistency!

Around 38 million sharks, 35 million cows, 100 million pigs, 8.39 billion chickens are killed every year by humans for food in the US alone. That's 23 million chickens a day, and we are not even talking about the countries like India and china and their massive populations.
This is a generously short introduction to a very long list of animals being killed by us everyday for meat, and other industry products such as leather.

Every year in the United States alone , more than 9 billion animals are killed for food; millions more die of stress, suffocation, injuries, or disease in the food industry. In his or her lifetime, the average American meat-eater is responsible for the abuse and deaths of some 2,400 animals, including approximately 2,287 chickens, 92 turkeys, 31 pigs, and 12 steers and calves.
How about having some memorial stones for these animals too?

After looking at this photo here, it seems more than appropriate to have memorial stones for these animals as well.

My point here is that - Our actions are utterly random and rarely are these actions backed up by sound reasoning.
What sense does it make to have memorial stones for a few dogs who had nothing to do with the war in the first place. They were just forced to perform certain tasks in exchange for food. I don't think they signed up a contract with the marines to serve the country till their last breath. I bet they didn't even know whose side they were on.

I think that if a few dogs deserve a memorial stone for assistance with the army on war efforts, which in turn leads to killing of more people, then the billions of animals giving away their life for our survival deserve a memorial stone in every city of the world.
All I ask for is a little consistency and mature reasoning in our actions.

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