Sunday, October 25, 2009


Let's talk a little about Peace, because I think it is one of the most widely used words, and yet it remains to be understood appropriately by the majority. Most people just get lost in symbols like the one right above, and fail to understand what those symbols really mean.

What is peace exactly? Is it just the opposite of the word War, and nothing more?

If the meaning of the word itself is not clearly understood, then how can we ever know what we are trying to achieve and decide how to go about it?
Even though peace could mean the opposite of war, it is not the complete understanding of what the word peace stands for.
What would happen if all the countries of the world decide to destroy all their weapons and end all the wars? Do you think that current human civilization would be free of all conflicts, murders, rapes, robberies and fights?

I think NOT.

The majority of the human population today continues to live their daily lives semi-consciously. But the good news is that more and more people are waking up to the truth everyday than ever before in the recorded human history.

In order to understand the true meaning of a deep concept such as peace, an individual needs to be a conscious and an extremely open minded person.
After all it's only a matter of evolution.
Every new piece of information that improves the understanding of a human being is evolving him every moment of his/her life. According to scientists, every physiological interaction, every new experience that a person has in his life time leaves its mark on his DNA.
Our lives, and the current times that we live in are nothing but a small step along the long process of evolution.
Most of us humans still haven't evolved enough to thoroughly appreciate the nature of concepts like 'peace'. Well! Some of us in the past have, and most of us look up to them as public figures and leave it at that.

When I say most of us humans still haven't evolved enough, I don't intend to belittle anyone. Neither am I trying to suggest that most of us are ape-like and only few have evolved enough to be called human.
According to me, the physical evolution from one species to another stops with us humans in our branch of evolution.
The evolution that we see now is the evolution of our consciousness and understanding of nature of things( or science) that's occurring through the free flow of information.
A research that I came across a few weeks ago proves that even if our brains grew any bigger, it wouldn't make us any smarter. So, that in a way leaves us only with evolution of our consciousness.
So one thing that separates a consciously aware individual from a not so evolved person is Information.
As a man gains more information, his understanding of things improves, and that makes him more aware. And that's all you need to understand the notion of peace. A completely free, open, and well informed mind.

You all know how everyone wants to feel superior to the people around them in some way or the other, may be through a better mobile phone, a better car, house, clothes, accessories , educational qualifications, professional qualifications and other social divisions.

There cannot be peace in this world until and unless we humans evolve enough to understand that all living beings and so all human beings are equal, and learn to look at everything around us in the same light as we see ourselves.

One of the most fundamental building blocks of our current human society is hierarchy, which is any system of persons or things ranked one above another. Such a society can never find peace, unless the society itself changes. But the society in turn is nothing but a collection of people. So it turns out that unless the individual people change, the dream of a peaceful world will only be a dream.

So its clear that waiting for your governments/leaders to establish peace is an enormous waste of time. Everyone who wants to see peace around, needs to become the change they wish to see. In fact if the people of the world change, governments will have to follow.

When we have no urge to feel superior to anyone else, the world will know peace. Because when everyone learns to see everything as one, the concept of superiority/inferiority will be obsolete.
Religion, caste, regionalism, color, sex, Nationality, Patriotism. These among many others are a few concepts that divide man from man.
But they hold no value, because most importantly we are all humans living on this one planet together breathing the same air, drinking the same water and cherishing the same sun and the moon.
Besides, when our sun becomes a dead star and destroys our solar system with it, isn't everything on our planet going to become one with everything else in our solar system? We will all go back to what we came from - Energy.

If we learn to love one another and everything else around us unconditionally, then we will know the true meaning of peace, love ,and happiness.

Everyone needs to find their own way to understand peace, and unconditional love. So if you really want to see a peaceful world.


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