Friday, July 19, 2013

Humanity as an extension of myself

Physics, philosophy, history, chemistry, biology, agriculture, geology,
archaeology, anthropology, art, education, psychology, sociology, and the list goes on and on. Humans have had to catalogue and categorise information about life under numerous names based on the nature of information to bring some sense of order to a seemingly random and chaotic universe.  

Life is so immense and complex that it is impossible for one individual to explore all the different facets of life and hence different people working in different fields, exploring many different facets of life works perfectly on an individual level and on a collective human level. 
Such diversity in interests among people helps build a more holistic view and understanding of life for the whole of humanity at large. At the same time it enables individuals who are caught up in their individual fields of work to understand life on its different fronts for which they don't have the time. 
Humanity could very well be visualised as a man with many faces and limbs, each one with its own special power and interest, and this is where I suddenly find myself thinking if this is precisely what Krishna was referring to when he showed his all superior self to Arjuna according to Indian mythology 'Mahabharata'. Forgive me for pulling you to mythological realm without any prior warning.  

It is self-empowering and comforting for me to see the whole of humanity as an extension of my own self rather than as a fragmented divided system. Also I wouldn't dare put one field over another as being more important, because it is only when knowledge from these different fields come together that we can begin to get a complete picture of life and its meaning. 
So here goes out a big heartfelt gratitude to all those scientists, anthropologists, historians and all other professionals whose curiosities and hard work have given me the understanding of the world I have today. 

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