Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul Revolution

With 2012 American elections drawing closer, international and American media is buzzing with one name - Ron Paul.
A lot of independent media websites, activists and young individuals are supporting Ron Paul and the 3 big points on his election campaign agenda
1) End the wars,
2) End the Fed, and
3) End the war on drugs
and are upholding him as the only deserving candidate to be the next American President.
 Where as on the other hand, most of the main stream media outlets are trying to down play Ron Paul by either completely ignoring him, grossly under-representing him on television, and in some cases by constantly trying to focus only on his alleged past actions from over two decades ago rather than paying more attention to what the man has to say today, which clearly comes off as a desperate attempt to tarnish his image in public's minds.  
I guess even the corporate media understands that other candidates are so incompetent that they have to go out of their way to do everything they can to make sure that Ron Paul doesn't just sail through the election campaign to become the next president.

What ever it may be, one thing is for sure Ron Paul's increasing popularity is keeping the opposition leaders and the corporate controlled media houses on their toes.

But even though Ron Paul is the current favorite amongst a lot of young people, political analysts and independent activists because of the sincere points he is raising, let us not jump into conclusions about anything without putting it in context with what political history has to teach us.

Just like Ron Paul is being hailed as the face of change today, it was not long ago when Obama was being up held as the face of change and hope. The first elected black president, and beacon of hope, Obama revolution with slogans like "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change we seek."

During the election campaign four years ago, most of the political pundits, commentators supported Obama's campaign but four years down the line and everybody including his most dedicated supporters want nothing to do with him.

Ron Paul is appealing to a lot of people today because of the promises he is making about the changes he plans to put in place once he becomes the president.
But making and breaking promises is one of the oldest games in politics.
Just making promises doesn't make Ron Paul any different from any of the presidential candidates from the past. What matters is whether he will live up to his word once elected or will he just turn on his words just like most presidents do.

 There are mainly two possibilities that could play out in the up coming elections as far as Ron Paul is concerned.
1) He is yet another puppet politician being put in place to appeal to the public's concerns but will not make any of the changes that he is talking about once elected. In this case he will most probably go on to win the elections through all the publicity he will get whether positive or negative and will not change anything. 

Some of you now might feel that it is impossible that Ron Paul is a corporate or political puppet because he is raising such genuine concerns and points that go against the very corporate and political structure.

But we have to understand that with help of social networking websites and other internet based activities today governments have a surveillance power like never before. Not only can they create and study trends of  the over all mood of the public, but they can drill down to individual level to understand what each citizen is thinking and doing. And with help of such elaborate surveillance system it has become very easy for political/corporate lobbyists to put forth a candidate who has been tailored to speak to the public's concerns at any given time.

I don't think that emergence of Barack Obama as a face of change four years back was an accident either. He was definitely a candidate who was tailored to address the public sentiments four years back.
But people are raising deeper questions now, and Ron Paul is out there addressing those concerns.
I am not saying that Ron Paul seems to be yet another puppet put out there to dupe the public. Most probably he is not a corporate puppet and has been firm on his point of view for a very long time, much before he started running for president. But I just had to point out that this possibility exists.

  2)The second and more likely possibility is that he is a genuine and unique individual who will fight for what he believes in till his own end. In which case two possibilities can play out
   a) He will be successfully ignored and down played by the media and the opposition and he will lose in the election race.
   b) He will go on to win the presidential race against all odds. To understand what might follow if this happens, we will have to briefly look back at the American and Global political history to put him and his political agenda in context.

Mahatma Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John Lennon they all have two things in common, first that they all tried to point out the faults in the system at the most fundamental level, and tried to bring about a fundamental change in the system and the second that they were all assassinated.
Now with this said, let us try to put Ron Paul's political stand point in context.
He is talking about ending the wars at a time when there is a whole industry based upon military, wars and re construction. A powerful industry that loves to reap profits from human death and destruction. He is trying to end the war industry at a time in human society when the society is built on war and violence.
Secondly he wants to end the central bank or federal reserve bank system. The people behind the Federal Reserve are the real owners and rulers of our world. So it is like telling a king I am going to destroy your kingdom, what do you think the King is going to do to you?

And third End the war on drugs - The industry built around pedaling of illegal drugs is a transnational behemoth and reaps profits like no other industry on the planet and is run by ruthless mafia lords with help of politicians around the world. Do you think they will let anyone take away that kind of profit away from them by legalizing drugs? They will not. Besides the leaders don't want to educate people about drugs, they just want to keep them scared by calling them "Illegal drugs".
Besides legalization of drugs might be a blasphemy for religious people, they wouldn't want to see their kids having free access to drugs. 
At the end of it all one of these drug lords, politicians, bankers would have had enough of  Ron Paul's honest point of views and will get him assassinated and pin it on some frustrated father who was too scared that legalization of drugs will destroy his son's life who just got out of a rehab because he was too fucked up on drugs anyway.
Ron Paul is talking about shaking the very fundamental pillars of the corrupt society we have created. And while I would be truly delighted to see such positive changes take place in our world, it is precisely what the rich bankers, businessmen and politicians  do not want to see. They do not want people walking around talking about how our current social economical and political paradigm is flawed at the most fundamental levels. No they don't want that.
They just want temporary fixes and band aids so they can continue their system of control till the end of time.
And these ambitious rulers will do what ever they have to in order to hold on to their position of power and control, this is very evident from the history.

I do not know if Ron Paul is as genuine as he seems to be. But I truly love his political stand point and wish him all the very best.
He is a part of the system and he is trying to shake the system down from within, something I think can not be done because there are elements in the system who are too addicted to power and control. They are rich junkies, junkies who get orgasmic attaining more power and control and just like any other junkie they will do whatever it takes to get their next fix.

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