Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A look at ourselves through the eyes of our leaders

It all began with your forefathers,
and while you foolish people fight among yourselves
We still give the orders.
And will continue to.

You may ask how?

The same way we have till now.

By feeding on your ignorance and petty arrogance.
While you people debate on whose point of view is more genuine.

By giving you ways to keep yourselves entertained, so that even though the truth is in front of your eyes,
You will not see it because with all this charade we have you hypnotized.

We always controlled your life, and we still do
We can kill you when we want and your loved ones too.

So don't come in our way by doing too much thinking.
Just buy all the nonsense we have been feeding.

Look at your friends and learn a thing or two,
Just remain willfully ignorant or we will come and kill you too.

Just enjoy this materialism we have invented for you and be satisfied,
Why do you waste your time fighting for these people who just care about being proven right?

We have ruled over you for generations, so listen to what we have to say
Nothing will change till your brothers understand the truth you want to convey.
But we are sure that your egos will keep you divided, and yet again we will have it our own way.

And yet again we will have it our own way.

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